Welcome to the Heart of Inny Weddings

Our team at Inny Weddings is a tapestry of talent, passion, and dedication. We are excited to introduce you to the individuals who bring your dream destination weddings to life.

Sophia Martinez: Founder & Lead Wedding Planner

Sophia is the visionary heart of Inny Weddings. Her journey in wedding planning began over a decade ago, driven by a passion for love stories and a wanderlust spirit. Sophia’s expertise lies in her ability to blend the magic of travel with the beauty of matrimony, creating bespoke experiences that reflect each couple’s unique story.

Ethan Taylor: Co-Founder & Travel Coordinator

As co-founder, Ethan brings the world to your wedding doorstep. With a rich background in travel and tourism, he specializes in making the logistics of your destination wedding seamless. Ethan’s knack for finding the perfect locations and managing intricate travel details ensures a smooth and exciting journey for every couple.

Ava Chen: Creative Director

Ava, our creative powerhouse, turns wedding dreams into stunning visual realities. Her flair for design and meticulous attention to detail means every aspect of your wedding, from the decor to the overall theme, is nothing short of spectacular. Ava believes in creating spaces that not only dazzle but also deeply resonate with our couples.

Carlos Rivera: Cultural Liaison & Event Specialist

Carlos is our cultural connoisseur, ensuring that each wedding is respectful and reflective of local traditions. His expertise in global customs and fluency in multiple languages is invaluable in creating authentic and culturally rich celebrations. Carlos is dedicated to weaving local traditions into your wedding tapestry.

Rachel Kim: Logistics Manager

Rachel is the organizational force behind the scenes. Her exceptional planning and coordination skills ensure that every element of your wedding, from guest management to day-of execution, is handled with precision and care. Rachel’s ability to orchestrate complex logistics is key to creating a seamless wedding experience.

Liam Johnson: Client Relations Specialist

Liam represents the heart of our client relationships. He is the first point of contact for our couples, guiding them through the planning process with warmth and professionalism. Liam’s commitment is to ensure that every couple feels supported, understood, and excited about their journey with us.

Join Our Family

Each member of our team is here to make your wedding not just an event, but a lifetime memory. At Inny Weddings, we’re more than a team – we’re a family, and we warmly invite you to start your marital journey with us. Let’s create something extraordinary together!